We provides a powerful, all-in-one email marketing tool that's easy to use. From building a mailing list and creating personalized email campaigns, to measuring campaign results in real-time and sending automated follow up emails -- you can manage it all using only your web browser!
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Our Service

Email-Camp is a self-serv email marketing system which will allow you to work from anywhere in the world
Use Email-Camp to?
Why Email-Camp?
Use Email-Camp to?

Send Bulk Emails

Email-Camp will send to each email address one by one. No more cc or bcc and cut the risk of exposing your valued subscriber list.

Send Personalized Message

Customized each email message with personal greetings such as Dear Mr. John or sending special voucher code for each customer.

Real-Time Report

All aspects of email campaigns are captured and reported in real-time.
No more guessing.

Subscriber Lists Management

Email-Camp will help you manage subscription and unsubscription automatically.

Special System

Our email marketing system is not just a web application but our whole system architecture are designed for bulk emails and are constantly monitored

Customer Selection

We have a screening process to make sure that all our customers are NOT spammers. Spammers on a system will also have negative effects on other legitimate senders.

Easy to Use

Email-Camp system is on cloud and web-based. That means, no installation, no maintenance. We also provide online training to help you get started on our system.

Packages and Prices

Credits are valid for 1 years
Package Price Free Order
30,000 Emails4,800 Bath-สั่งซื้อ
50,000 Emails8,000 BathOnline Training (1 session)สั่งซื้อ
70,000 Emails11,200 BathOnline Training (1 session)สั่งซื้อ
90,000 Emails13,500 BathOnline Training (1 session)สั่งซื้อ
110,000 Emails16,500 BathOnline Training (1 session)สั่งซื้อ
150,000 Emails21,450 BathOn-site Training (1 session)สั่งซื้อ
190,000 Emails26,600 BathOn-site Training (1 session)สั่งซื้อ
250,000 Emails35,000 BathOn-site Training (1 session)สั่งซื้อ


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Why Email-Camp?

How are we diffent

High Speed Delivery

Our system can send about 15,000 emails per hour

Unlimited Mailing Lists

You can have as many subscriber lists you want on our system. Fees are charged only when you send message to them.

Free Image Hosting

No need to learn how to use FTP. You can upload images and create beatiful email messages right inside Email-Camp email marketing system.

Anti-SPAM Policy

With our customer selection and anti-spam policy, we increase system integrity and delivery rate.

99.9% Uptime

Our email bulk system is designed especially for the task so you can be sure it remains accessible to you and your customer at all times.

Personalized Content

Increase customer satisfaction with personalized content. Statistically, personalized email messages usually perform better too.

New Features!

  • HTML subscribe form with support for customized thank you and confirmation page
  • Connect with existing system with our RESTful API
  • Or import data from MS Excel/CSV
  • Single/Double Opt-in support
  • Empower your marketing with fully featured automation functions such as autoresponders.
  • Create automatic or conditional campaigns to be sent to your lists in response to events such as list subscriptions, list unsubscriptions, birthdays or etc.
  • Also create application to automatically follow up and email when it is opened/clicked by recipient.
  • Create marketing campaigns with visual email template builder
  • Have a large JPEG file and don’t know how to slice it? Don’t worry, we have a special tool where you can slice an image and add destination links easily!
  • Connect with your website or existing server with our RESTful API so that you can keep your email list synchronized and up-to-date
  • All campaigns come with detailed statistics to let you analyse performance
  • Also get campaign performance via RESTful API


Are emails delivered through our mail servers?
No, all emails are sent through our managed mail servers so you don't have to worry about overloading of your email system.
Can we send email messages (EDMs) with our company domain name?
Yes, and you can set this in every campaign you send. However, it's best that you let us know what domain name you'll use so we can help maximize delivery rate.
Do you have mailing list for sell or rent?
No, Email-Camp do not provide email list rental service nor do we sell any email lists. We have a strict SPAM and Privacy Policy which states that all emails on our system belong to our clients and we will never ever pass it on to any third parties.
How do I buy larger package than listed on Email-Camp.com?
We can only sell package as listed on Email-Camp.com but, for example, you need 500,00 email credits, you can buy 2 250,000 package.