Our Email System Features

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General Features
  • CAN-SPAM compliant email marketing software
  • Free email/newsletter templates
  • Built in tutorials that will help you quickly get started
  • User-friendly interface
  • Bulk changes to list subscribers (change all to html/text, make them active/inactive)
  • Send to more than 1 mailing list at a time without having to worry about duplicate emails
  • Save reply-to, from email, from name with a list or at the time of sending
  • Bounce processing differentiates between types (hard, soft). Email-Camp detects a hard bounce and sets the status of the subscriber to bounced and never emails them again.
Manage Subscribers
  • Search all of your lists at once
  • Bulk changes (delete multiple at once, change them to html/text)
  • Subscribers are marked with different status: active, bounced, unsubscribed, and etc.
  • Unlimited custom fields (for personalization or segmentation)
Import Subscribers
  • Duplicates will not be saved
  • Details report on import result such as duplicate emails, bad emails format, and etc
  • Import TXT, CSV file, or add each email one by one
Export Subscribers
  • Export subscribers and email status for keeping
  • Choose to export subsubscribers that bounced, opened, clicked, or unsubscribed, your choice
Banned Subscribers
  • Add banned emails to block sending to these emails
  • Bulk import banned subscribers
  • Easily include a one-click unsubscribe button
  • All newsletter archives are available as RSS Feed and easily ported to your website
  • Edit and preview HTML or Text email with WYSIWYG editor
  • Our WYSIWYG editor is as easy to use as MS Word
  • Preview your email campaigns exactly as they will look in all popular email clients such as Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, and etc. new
  • An option to show a warning if an email is larger than "X" kb when saving and also before sending new
  • Create HTML, Text, or Multi-Part emails
  • Can extract the text version of an email from the WYSIWYG editor straight into the "Text Version" textbox new
  • Send multiple preview emails at once new
  • Proprietary integrated spam checking and rating for email campaigns new
  • Single click Google Analytics email tracking
Sending Newsletter
  • Can send to multiple lists at once (removes duplicates before it starts)
  • Unlimited personalization
  • Set From Name and From Email for each newsletter
  • Create subscription form to be put on your website
  • Send-to-friend form (with appropriate stats)
  • Can send text and html parts of confirm/thanks emails
  • Option to show/hide subscriber format choice
  • "Printable" form type idea for retail stores to accept subscribers at Point of Sale areas for later entry into a mailing list new
  • Show more information (how many sent, how long it took, unique opens)
  • Show open stats, link stats, bounce stats, forwarding stats, unsubscribe stats per newsletter or autoresponder
  • Show trends in subscribes/unsubscribes per mailing list
  • Show per domain information per mailing list (eg 50% are yahoo subscribers)
  • Option to search / Export/ send to people who have NOT clicked a link or opened a particular email


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